Privacy Policy

No personal information (name, email address, birth date or country of origin) which is supplied by registered users will be shared with third-parties under any circumstances - excepting the following the two:

1. If the user submits personal information via his website title/description field. In this instance, we are powerless to control the sharing.


2. If the user enters a competition organized by the site, their email address will be forwarded to the relevant sponsor if they are a winning contestant.


3. The information contained in AZcaptcha databases may not be used, copied, distributed, sublicensed, modified, rented, altered, reverse engineered or recompiled in any way without written permission from the owner.


4. Personal Data Protection

You provide the following data about yourself to AZCaptcha:

First Name
Last Name
Phone number
We use this data for your account and for delivering the service to you. AZCaptcha doesn't transmit your data to any 3rd party unless it is necessary for delivering you the service or demanded by the legal authorities. Please keep it in mind that AZCaptcha is not responsible for your personal data that you chose to place publicly on our website.
Whenever made possible, you can access, update or request deletion of Your Personal Data directly within Your account settings section. If you are unable to perform these actions yourself, please contact Us to assist You.
Last update 14 Jan 2021

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